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How to make a classic Martini


There are many variations of the Martini out there, but the classic is the most popular one for a reason. Popularized by James Bond over whether it should be shaken or stirred, this cocktail is one drink that looks simple enough to make, yet difficult to master. Regardless, it’s one of the easiest drinks to be making at home, requiring only a few (literally only two) ingredients. Give it a go with this classic Martini recipe. And once you know what you’re doing, feel free to tweak it as you see fit.


  • 75ml London Dry gin
  • 15ml dry vermouth
  • Garnish: Green olives or lemon peel


  1. Chill a Martini glass in the freezer
  2. Add gin and vermouth into a mixing glass (or shaker, if you prefer a little more dilution) filled with ice
  3. Stir in mixing glass for about 30secs to ensure drink is fully chilled, then strain into Martini glass
  4. Squeeze lemon peel over glass and drop the spent peel in, or skewer three olives and place in drink then serve

Yields 1 drink