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Award-winning distillery Starward Whisky unveils new label designs, bottle packaging

Starward Whisky new designs

Celebrated Australian whisky brand Starward Whisky has launched complete redesigns of its labels and packaging, with the glass used in its bottles also going through material changes to become more sustainable in its make.

This comes as the Melbourne-based distillery marks 16 years in the business. Reflecting its continued strive towards the stars, the new designs are modern and eye-catching. The starburst lines, inspired by wine-soaked staves, represent the perspective when peering into the wine barrels that Starward famously uses to age their whiskies.

Beyond visual changes, the glass bottles used to contain the spirits have also undergone updates. Glass production has now been moved onshore, thus reducing freight emissions, while approximately 50% of every 700ml bottle is now made using recycled glass. 

The weight of each of their single malt glass bottles has also been reduced by about 200g each, which in turn lowers the carbon cost when it comes to shipping. These redesigns are some of the steps they’ve taken in their overall sustainability goals. 

Starward Whisky’s David Vitale

Founder David Vitale was personally in Singapore to host trade and media as Starward, together with local distributors Malt & Wine Asia, took the opportunity to showcase the distillery’s growing range of products while unveiling the new designs.

From the flagship Two-Fold blended whisky and signature single malt Nova, to special releases such as the Vitale (launched to mark Starward’s 15-year anniversary) and the collaboration Lagavulin cask, many of Starward’s creations the past many years were up for tasting.

Asked why he is now turning his attention to Singapore and the region, Vitale remarked that “from day 1, Starward was built to be global, but we first needed to understand why people liked it”. He emphasised that learning about the market and the local audience was key for the initial phases. “We’re now ready to turn up,” he says.

Product wise, his goal remains the same: to produce a true modern Australian whisky. “It’s always been about exploring whisky in a way Scotch and Bourbon can’t. The idea of a modern whisky is one that respects the past, but looks forward to the future of whisky.”

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To that end, Starward only uses barley and wheat sourced within Australia to ferment and distil into its whiskies. For maturation purposes, their core range only uses red wine barrels (including wet-filled casks) sourced from Aussie wineries. 

Sourcing everything locally not only makes it a more sustainable process, but ensures the character of its whiskies remain as true to being Australian as possible. “We’re going to be authentically us,” he assures, even as Starward continues growing among global markets.

“When I founded Starward, I had big ambitions for what this brand could be. I’m excited to unveil our brand new look that brings to life everything we stand for: modern, innovative, and delicious.”

Founded in 2007, Starward quickly became synonymous with quality, accessible Australian whisky locally and abroad. It is also one of the most awarded distilleries globally, clinching the title of most awarded distillery in the world in 2022.

For more information, head to Starward Whisky’s website, or check out Malt & Wine Asia to get your hands on bottles in Singapore. 

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