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5 of the best places in Singapore to enjoy cocktails on tap

Draft Land Singapore Draft Cocktail

While cocktails shaken or stirred by a bartender remains the gold standard in mixology, more and more bars here are now offering tipples pre-mixed and poured from the tap. 

Besides the novelty, many love the idea for its speediness and consistency. And we get it – it’s always nice to have your drink order served fast, while knowing your favourites will always stay the same (at least from batch to batch). We checked out some of the best ones in town.

Draft Land Singapore

When Draft Land first opened in Taiwan in 2018, it was the first all-tap cocktail bar in Asia. Fast forward to today, and its fifth and latest outpost has opened in Singapore. Done in collaboration with Singapore’s own homegrown bar Nutmeg & Clove, Draft Land Singapore is now the only venue here serving cocktails all from the tap.

This doesn’t mean all cocktails are bubbly, as some are injected with nitrogen instead of carbon dioxide. Go for something light like the Gin Rickey or Lychee Cobbler to start. But definitely get something higher in ABV such as the Popcorn & Coke or the Fancy Iced Tea to take things up a notch. All cocktails are priced between S$15 and S$20. 

Cha Chaan Teng

With a name like that, you know this place is going big on the Hong Kong influences. And at Cha Chaan Teng, they deliver that in spades. From its alluring selection of HK-style tapas and menu items all named in Cantonese (with plenty of references to Hong Kong movies as well), we’re really feeling the vibe here.

Three of its 12 cocktails are served from the tap, and all of them are bangers. First have the gin-based Sup Sup Sui, inspired by soursop calamansi, that really does go down too easy. Then try the Tong Pak Fu, a rum and coke drink with smoked plum and fat-washed roasted duck fat in the mix. Our favourite has got to be the Daai Fei. It’s like an iced lemon tea, but hits home where it really matters. All cocktails on tap are S$18.

The Guild

Everyone knows The Guild for their amazing craft beers from Young Master Brewery on tap. But not many know about their equally solid draft cocktails as well. The Guildhouse G&T is a twist on the namesake classic, but with a refreshing, citrusy punch. Or try the Higher than Salted Lime for an Asian take on the Vodka Lime Sugar using beer and salt in the mix. Both cocktails on tap are S$14 each.

While you’re here, you gotta have the food too. New on the menu is the Wild Mushroom Rice (S$29), a claypot of bomba rice filled with a medley of mushrooms, egg yolk, fried shallots, scallions, and creamy butter sauce. It’s one tummy filler you won’t regret having. Or get Alton’s Fried Chicken (S$30) for a crispy feast that is first brined for 8 hours for the ultimate flavour infusion.


As downtown CBD’s reigning hip and happening party and drink spot, it makes perfect sense to have a good selection of on-point draft cocktails (S$20 each) here to keep the drinks flowing smoothly. Half of their cocktail selection is thus drawn from the tap, and are great whether you’re here for dinner or to dance the night away.

Try the Sticky Mango Highball for a Thai-inspired tipple featuring agricole rum. Or get the Triple Lime Sling for a drink that is refreshing yet punchy at the same time. Meanwhile, the Cafe Con Fuego is the cocktail to go for if you’re into slightly peaty, coffee flavours. Our favourite has got to be the Ancho Paloma. The tequila and mezcal based drink has just the right hint of chilli spice to really turn this already amazing cocktail into an incredible one. 

1918 Heritage Bar

Alkaff Mansion’s revamped level 1 bar area has plenty of cocktails and food to offer, but their four cocktails on tap (S$18 each), hidden amongst its vast offerings, is worth noting too. The Earl Grey Gin & Tonic is the one we’ll go for to start. Its tea notes and slight bitterness contrasts well with the sweetness of the tonic water.

Yet it’s the Apple Honey Whisky – three words and items that go so well together – that most will gravitate towards. Fragrant, malty, and with just the right amount of sweetness, it’s easy to see why this is a crowd favourite. If you’re feeling peckish and need food to go with the drinking, the Laksa Squid Ink Prawn Roll (S$16) is what you’re looking for.

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