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Cat Bite Club is a secret Duxton area bar focusing on rice and agave spirits

Cat Bite Club Duxton

Fans of rice and agave based spirits now have a proper haunt in town to head to – newly opened Cat Bite Club on Duxton Hill. 

Helmed by industry veterans Gabriel Lowe and Jesse Vida (folks will recognise Vida as Atlas’ former head bartender), the craft cocktail venue is a culmination of their dream of opening a rice and agave focused bar together to fill a gap in the market here.

They noticed potential in rice-based Asian spirits such as soju and shochu when they first moved East (they both started their careers in San Francisco) in 2018, and the idea to showcase that alongside tequilas and mezcals was born.

Locate the Cheshire cat and you’ve located Cat Bite Club

To locate Cat Bite Club – the name is meant to evoke the sense of curiosity, excitability, and playfulness of a cat – requires a bit of exploration. It’s actually hidden within cafe and retail store Monument Lifestyle, behind full-length curtains at the back of the shop. You’ll know you’re at the right place when you see the neon Cheshire cat logo at the storefront.

Leveraging their combined experience of over 30 years in bar and hospitality, find a cocktail menu that gives classics the attention they deserve. Each page of the menu offers a classic (such as the Espresso Martini and the Queens Park Swizzle) and two variations of that – one using rice and one using agave.

While there are lots to explore, Cat Bite Club’s two signatures are a must. The first is the Cat Bite Margarita (S$26), a tequila and mezcal based drink with all the quaffable qualities of the classic it’s named after, while offering plenty more layers with good use of two base spirits, a blend of fresh citruses, and sherry.

Soju Sprint

Meanwhile, the Soju Sprint (S$24) places Korea’s famed grain alcohol front and centre. Using the handcrafted Tokki Soju distilled in New York as a base, it is then mixed with peach, honey, mint, citruses, sherry, absinthe, and soda for a refreshing sipper you’ll want more of. 

With over 100 labels of rice and agave spirits on the bar shelves, Cat Bite Club is also the place to explore the bottles on their own terms. You can order them neat or choose to explore a range of nuances and flavours by having several served as a tasting flight.

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There’s food too on the menu. Mirroring the provenance of the drinks, find approachable and shareable Mexican and Asian inspired bites the likes of Chili Chicken Bao (S$15 for 2; highly recommended), Tuna Tostada (S$12) and Chips & Guac (S$9) available.

Cat Bite Club is one of those cosy and intimate bars where a seat by the bar counter are the best spots to perch at while shooting the breeze with the bartenders about the many interesting rice and agave spirits on the shelves.

We can’t wait to see their collection – and their adventurous cat-like qualities – grow even more.

Cat Bite Club is located at 75 Duxton Road, Singapore 089534.

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