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Firangi Superstar celebrates one year milestone with vegetarian(or not) menu

Firangi Superstar

It’s been nearly a year since our first visit to Firangi Superstar. Visiting them when they opened in the midst of the pandemic was a joyous if subdued experience – food and drinks were amazing even as music wasn’t permitted and people weren’t allowed to mingle.

With restrictions now lifted, our recent sojourn there showcased Firangi in its full glory. Upbeat tunes were piping through and the bar – arguably our favourite part of the multi-space venue – is alive and rambunctious as a bar should be.

In fact, even though Firangi’s food is probably the main attraction here (we’ll go into their revamped menu further below), we would totally visit the space just to hit up the bar. 

The beverage programme remains largely the same as the last time we’re here, with a dedicated list of perfectly paired G&Ts and a well-thought-out craft cocktail menu that’ll please most discerning palates – we’ll have their Chai Masala Milk Punch any day.

The Chai Masala Milk Punch is one of our favourite tipples at Firangi Superstar

What stands out a lot more now however, is how bar manager Benedict Poh and his team of charmingly irreverent bartenders manages to keep things fun and inebriated with a blend of edgy tomfoolery and brandishing of exquisite back bar bottles. 

Highly limited independent Scotch bottlings and special editions of Amrut whiskies easily catches one’s eyes, which the bar team will be happy to wax lyrical about while serving you a fine dram of.

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Once you’ve settled in and properly broken the ice with this bunch, you’re bound to have a good time as they sling out potent drinks (whether from the menu or bespoke) while captivating you with their brand of hijinks from behind the counter.

It’s great that the staff here are often in a celebratory mood – and they should. Firangi Superstar is celebrating their one year milestone, and it’s going to be a next level showcase of their new vegetarian/non-vegetarian menu.

Firangi Superstar’s bar is alluring in all the right ways

Essentially, rather than having token vegetarian items available, every meat dish on the menu now has a plant-based option too. It’s not a simple matter of just replacing the protein either, but are all carefully prepared dishes by new chef at the helm, Raj Kumar.

The Sacred Earth Samosa (S$26/S$14), for instance, is a flavour-packed deconstructed samosa made of wagyu tartare and caviar, but is also available as a beetroot tartare with smoked potato. Having tried both versions side-by-side, we can safely say that the vegetarian option is definitely no afterthought, with some of my dining companions even preferring the meatless version.

For mains, like the Grogu’s Roast (S$23/100g or S$13/100g), an Iberico pork dish marinated with a Mangalorean (yes, we see the Star Wars reference here) spice mix and ghee, having cauliflower steak in place of the pork continues working wonders on our taste buds too. 

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Yet it was the Back in the Saddle (S$20/100g or S$16/100g) that once again won over our hearts. This dish of tandoori spiced lamb with confit garlic and curry leaf is probably one of the best of its kind in town, and the vegetarian take on it using celeriac is equally divine. 

We can go on and on, but it’s truly something to be experienced to be believed. And while heading down on any usual day is perfectly fine, why not visit during their anniversary, when head chef Raj Kumar will be offering something extra special.

On June 25, from 5.30pm onwards, Chaataversary takes over Firangi Superstar’s premises, where a course menu (S$188, or S$148 for vegetarian option) and free-flowing chaats (savoury snacks) becomes available for one day only. It’s a great opportunity to get a taste of the new chef’s chops.

And remember to get a tipple or two, probably three, while you’re there. There’s a reason why some folks come just for the drinks. 

Firangi Superstar is located at 20 Craig Road, #01-03 Singapore 089692.

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