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High Bar Society serves up gelatos with the highest alcohol content in town

High Bar Society Gelatos

Many places serve great alcoholic ice creams and gelatos. And while we enjoy a Baileys ice cream as much as the next person, there’s a new gelato maker in town that’s completely upping the ante when it comes to using booze in sweet treats.

Newly opened 30-seater High Bar Society along Tanjong Pagar Road, founded by Sharon Tay of Momolato fame, is setting a (pun intended) high bar for gelato makers to follow with its range of spirit-forward, creative, and boozy desserts.

While most gelatos range between 1-3% ABV, Tay has managed to come up with 6% ABV creations at High Bar Society. This was no easy feat (among other challenges, alcohol doesn’t freeze well), and was the culmination of painstaking research and development. 

Not your average gelato bar

“The techniques we use in our gelato at High Bar Society have been in development for more than a year,” reveals Tay. “The result of that dedication has brought the full flavours of premium spirits into the pleasure of eating quality ice creams and gelato.”

As she mentions, it isn’t just about the high alcohol content. Like a good cocktail, the gelatos here make good use of the base spirit being used. And with 15 flavours available at launch and over 20 available in total in the ensuing months, there’s bound to be one to your liking.

Highlights include the Highland Fling. Infused with The Macallan single malt, the dark Ecuador chocolate sorbet mixed with chocolate bits is as indulgent as it sounds. Or go for the Yellow Fever, a mango passionfruit sorbet infused with Jose Cuervo Anejo tequila for something refreshing yet potent.

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Our favourite has got to be the Misty Scotsman. The Nama chocolate gelato is made using Laphroaig Quarter Cask whisky, resulting in a decadent, peaty, and utterly sinful treat that we’d gladly have more of. All gelatos are S$13-S$19 for a neat 120ml serve.

Unlike other alcoholic ice creams, you can definitely feel the alcohol hit if you’re finishing an entire serving by yourself. At 6% ABV, we’d imagine some folks are even able to get tipsy from consuming gelatos alone.

And for those looking for actual cocktails, you will find a decent selection of easy-drinking refreshers as well as Instagram-worthy concoctions to choose from. Plus, fuss free bites such as the Mac & Cheese can help keep the munchies at bay in the event you’re feeling peckish.

It’s cool too that High Bar Society will open during evening hours rather than from the daytime, further emphasising the adult nature of the venue. Weekends will even see them operating till 2am – just in case you feel like having a sweet nightcap before calling it a night.

High Bar Society is located at 52 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088473.

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