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Legends Bar is a lush cocktail oasis set on a sprawling golf resort

Legends Bar cocktails

Location matters for bars. Either have a convenient address to lure in passersby and nearby crowds, or be a destination venue where you make it worth the while of those travelling far and wide to your far-flung locale. 

For Legends Bar at luxury hideaway Dusit Thani Laguna Singapore, it’s the best of both worlds, thanks to the resort grounds being abuzz with sports enthusiasts (especially golfers) coming and going, as well as being an allure for staycationers seeking a Thai-style escape from the hustle and bustle of the Singapore urban sprawl.

Appropriately, Thai hospitality and golfing culture have a huge impact on the concept of Legends Bar. Cocktails are titled after golfing legends (thus the bar’s name), terms, and events, and Thai ingredients feature prominently throughout the menu.

Legends Bar

Your Daly Smash (S$18) is the drink to start with. A spin on the Gin & Tonic, this concoction of gin, lime juice, basil agave, pink peppercorn salt, chilli padi tincture, and of course, tonic water, is at once refreshing and rousing. The play on uncommon flavours using salty elements and chilli heat is novel, but also moreish, and is a welcome change to the usual ubiquitous G&T. 

For spirit-forward creations, the Hickory Shaft and the R.C.A Nights (both S$24 each) are your best bets. The former is a twist on the Old Fashioned, with lemongrass demerara syrup and homemade orange bitters giving it added complexity, while smoked hickory wood chips up the aroma ante. The latter meanwhile is akin to a rye Manhattan, but chocolaty and with a viscous mouthfeel, thanks to good use of Crème de Cacao.

A smashing drink, in our books, is the Long Banana (S$18). Inspired by the long drives that Jack Nicklaus is known for, the voluminous drink is a decadent mix of banana rum, oloroso sherry, and smoked maple syrup, resulting in a drink that lingers long after you’ve swallowed. A must-have when you’re here.

The Long Banana

Food options are sufficient for a meal, if you so choose, with plenty of Thai-inspired specialities gracing the bar bites menu. The wagyu beef sliders (S$25) and pork skewers (S$16) are your go-toes for something more filling, but if you’re simply feeling peckish, the crispy dried pork rinds (S$8) that comes with a highly addictive dip is your best bet.

The attractiveness of Legends Bar lies with its priceless panorama of the resort grounds too. Peer out of its full-length windows, and what greets you is sprawling greenery, an azure blue pool, and boundless skies perfect for plane spotting without any of the noise of engine roar thanks to excellent soundproofing.

Legends Bar is located at 11 Laguna Golf Green, Singapore 488047.

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