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TapOut is Joo Chiat’s own craft beer and bar grub haven

TapOut Craft Beers

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Given how trendy and happening the Joo Chiat area is in Singapore, it’s surprising the thriving eastside enclave doesn’t have more craft drinking spots.

Yet, the handful of natural wine, craft beer, and cocktail joints there – the likes of Wine Mouth, Freebird, and The Hidden Story – are all full of character and charm. Certainly, what the area lacks in number more than makes up for with their individual uniqueness.

Recently joining the block is TapOut Craft Beers. We’re elated with this addition, as it fills the gap of a shophouse craft beer taproom that also dishes out darn good hearty eats. The understated dark tones and casual neighbourhood bar vibe sets it apart as well.

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With 20 taps available, the variety is copious. During our visit, we were immediately drawn to the Just for Kicks Imperial Red Ale (S$20/pint) by Scotland’s 71 Brewing. It’s not often you see a red ale on tap in Singapore, much less an imperial variant. So we couldn’t help but go big for our first pint of the night.

Full of malt sweetness and balanced with fruit and pine aromas, the Just for Kicks Imperial Red Ale is a delicious brew and one that we are so glad to have found available here. Have a full pint of it on its own to enjoy the full breadth of flavours and mouthfeel this drink offers.

Another standout is the Duchesse De Bourgogne Flanders Red Ale (S$20/pint) by Brouwerij Verhaeghe in Belgium. It may seem like we are partial to red ales (we are), but trust us, this one is different. The reddish-brown ale is fruity and just a tad sour, and boasting a bold body thanks to it being aged for months in oak. 

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Other recommendations include New Zealand’s Boneface Micro Brewery with their light and yummy The Wizard Hazy Pale Ale (S$20/pint). Meanwhile, the Authentiques Indignes Oatmeal Stout (S$25/pint) from France’s Vendale Micro Brewery is a roasty, lush, and slightly herbal dark beer we’ll gladly drink more of.

A dependable pour comes in the form of Australia’s Moon Dog Craft Brewery’s Jumping the Shark (2021) Imperial Stout (S$35/pint). Keep this bad boy for last. The amphora-aged beer packs dense dark chocolate, ripe cherry, and desiccated coconut notes, and makes for a great nightcap.

For those seeking great value, TapOut has also committed to offering S$10 pints on their four permanent taps – Lion Island Lager, Rocky Ridge Czech Style Pilsner, Rocky Ridge Baby Peach NEIPA, and Sunbird Fluff Up Belgian Style Witbier. This mix of Singapore-made and Australia-sourced beers cater to a good range of preferences, while also pairing very nicely with their comforting nosh.

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Speaking of food, the Renkon Nachos (S$14-18) are great for snacking, especially with the lotus roots making for lighter and more repeatable munching. A range of Skewers (S$2-4), such as chicken, pork belly, and even tiger prawn, are also available should you be craving meats.

We’d say the burgers here are a real gem too. The tried-and-true Cheese Burger (S$16; beef patty, caramalised onions, cheese) is great for a satisfying chomp. Or get the Wagyu Burger (S$24; A5 omi wagyu patty, onions, cheese) for an indulgence that’s worth every penny.

With a craft beer selection of this calibre and a food menu that’s meant to keep bellies utterly happy (with solid prices to boot), TapOut is one of those no-brainer places to go to should you be seeking good drink and good grub all under one roof.  

TapOut Craft Beers is located at 103 East Coast Road, Singapore 428797.

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