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New global campaign by California Wines focuses on sustainability, innovation

California Wines 'Golden State of Mind'

After a tumultuous 2020 battling wildfires and navigating the effects of a pandemic economy, Californian winemakers are looking outwards for growth in 2021, kicking things off with a new global campaign focusing on what they do best.

Titled ‘Golden State of Mind’, the brand campaign, spearheaded by Wine Institute’s California Wine Export Program, seeks to showcase Californian wineries’ aptitude for sustainable and innovative winegrowing, while promoting the commitment of generations of family farmers and winemakers themselves in producing high-quality wines.

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A new look and logo comes as part of the exercise, together with the tagline ‘As Alive as the Place They’re Grown.’ The campaign launch is timed to “position California wineries for growth as global markets begin to ramp back up following the challenges of 2020,” states a media release. 

The new look and logo for California Wines.

Key initiatives include a global digital advertising campaign highlighting the state’s commitment to sustainable winegrowing, a California Wines Virtual Global Marketplace for trade use, and the launch of a new wine education course with a four-tier certification program.

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Currently, more than 80% of California’s wine is produced in a Certified California Sustainable Winery. This means that a winery’s output, starting from the 2017 vintage, is made using at least 85% grapes from certified sustainable vineyards, and 100% from California.

Kendall-Jackson wines from Sonoma County.

Regarding the penetration of Californian wines in this part of the world, remarks Christopher Beros, Asia Director, California Wine Institute: “Asia has always been a very important market for us, and Singapore, being an extremely vibrant Southeast Asian market for wines, is particularly significant. 

“With the ever-increasing awareness of winemaking processes, and consumers being more mindful about the origins of the wines they are enjoying, it is more crucial than ever to reinforce the objectives of California Wines, particularly the sustainability efforts.”

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