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At Binary, the meeting of two cuisines in one gastrobar concept

Binary Singapore

Finding a place to eat and drink while at Orchard Road can sometimes feel daunting. You’re at once offered a deluge of options while grasping with the feeling like there’s no place to go. It’s a conundrum, and it’s one we regularly contend with.

But shiny new 45-seater venue Binary, found on the first floor of Palais Renaissance, is one of those places where, no matter your cravings, you’re likely to have a good time, thanks to their concept of offering two different takes (thus the name Binary; their unit number #01-01A also looks like binary code) on each ingredient – one Asian one Western.

Their Chicken Wings (S$18), for instance, is served either classic Buffalo style or as a ‘Nasi Lemak’ variant, the latter of which comes complete with moreish sambal sauce. And since we’re talking about their small plates, be sure to try the Octopus (S$28) too. It offers pesto or ‘Lao Gan Ma’ chili crisp options, but trust us and choose the slightly spicy, highly addictive latter.  

(L-R) Homemade Kubaneh Bread and Octopus Lao Gan Ma Chilli Crisp

But before we get ahead of ourselves, it’ll be remiss not to mention the Homemade Kubaneh Bread (S$14). Served alongside two butters – garlic and kombu, the traditional Yemenite Jewish bake is probably one of the best we’ve had. Get handsy with the bread, peel off a piece and lather on the butter for an experience you can’t have enough of.

Binary’s mains are solid too. For a can’t-go-wrong pick, the Iberico Pluma (S$38), offered in either Argentine chimichurri or Korean gochujang sauces, is the one to go for. Tender and full of flavour, the special pork cut works wonders for the palate whichever sauce you fancy.

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Want something more? The Wagyu Striploin (S$50), which comes with a red wine sauce or sake miso marinade, checks all the boxes for a more premium meat option while still not breaking the bank. Add on a side of Parmesan Bacon Cauliflower (S$14), and you’re golden.

For drinks, Binary is big on their wines, with over 60 labels to pick from. Get them by the glass at a good S$16 each, or peruse the list for bottlings that run the whole gamut of mid-range and premium choices. It should be mentioned that the attractive wine list prices are actually retail rates, since the venue also functions as a bottle shop of sorts. If choosing to drink-in, a S$30 supplement does apply to each bottle.

The Binary Craft Brew is a cream ale served exclusively at Binary

Or go for their craft beers and cocktails instead. Definitely give the Binary Craft Brew (S$16) a try. Offered on tap, the lush and malty cream ale is made specially for Binary by local craft brewery Rye & Pint, who are one of the veterans in the Singapore craft beer scene.

Binary’s six signature cocktails (all S$24 each) are rather unique, and the best of them make good use of familiar Asian ingredients in purposeful ways. The refreshing Chrysanthemum Tea slakes one’s thirst like a good Gin & Tonic does, but with more interesting tones of lemongrass and Chrysanthemum flowers.

Meanwhile, the Spice It Up caters nicely to the intrepid drinkers out there. The whisky-based drink packs a punch, with flavours of curry leaves, lime, and green chilli swirling harmoniously inside, plus a rasam powder rim to really take things up a notch. Nothing tickles your fancy? Order bespoke and the bartenders will happily sort you out.

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With such a varied array of food and drink options to select from when dining at Binary, it is lucky then that choices here need not be a binary one. Feel free to order both the Asian and Western takes on the same dish if you want to. Or simply mix-and-match to your heart’s desire. At Binary, you no longer need to worry about what everyone’s cravings are before heading over. 

Binary is located at #01-01A Palais Renaissance, 390 Orchard Road, Singapore 238871.

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Dannon Har is the Managing Editor of Spill. Discovering his innate gift for drinking only at a ripe age, he spares no time trying to find more delicious drops to imbibe during his time on Earth. When he’s not minding every detail at Spill, he spends his time concocting luscious libations and sharing them with folks that visit his home bar.