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Fancy a Dassai sake milkshake? Get one at Japan’s MOS Burger

dassai sake milkshake mos burger

It seems like there’s no end to Dassai maker Asahi Shuzo‘s far-reaching ambitions among restaurants (we’re not complaining though).

Having successfully opened restaurant and tea salon La Boutique Dassai Joel Robuchon in Paris in collaboration with the eponymous celebrity chef back in 2018, the famed sake label is now reaching the other end of the spectrum with a tie-up with fast food chain MOS Burger.

Appealing to our sinful sides, they’re set to release on Dec 26 the decadent Dassai Shake, a twist on MOS Burger’s regular Vanilla Shake by incorporating Dassai Amazake into it.

Like Asahi Shuzo’s core range of junmai daiginjos, the Dassai Amazake is made using Yamadanishiki rice milled to 50% of its original mass, but contains no alcohol since it’s produced using only koji but no yeast.

Still, expect plenty of sake aromatics and flavour to be imparted onto the milkshake.

“This drink shows the smooth aromas of Dassai’s Yamadanishiki rice, as well as the subtle sweetness of koji,” states Asahi Shuzo in a media release.

“It was developed so as the more you sip the shake, the more flavour of Dassai Amazake deepens and richer the aroma gets. As there is no alcohol contained, we hope for our young customers to enjoy it as well.”

The Dassai Shake will be available at all MOS Burger outlets in Japan till Feb 2021.