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Drink well, eat well at newly opened Bukit Timah cafe and bar The Ritual

The Ritual

With a name like The Ritual, many connotations come to mind. Many link the place to a famed gym spot of the same name, or think it to be a yoga and meditation studio. It’s none of those things. Yet you’ll find the alluring ethos of many such places here.

The Ritual is foremost a cafe and bar. Enter through its glass doors and be greeted to a homely, minimal space perfect for a pint and cuppa while getting work done. 

To accompany your productive session, from the espresso machine find an Italian-inspired house blend that’s bold and rich. Those looking for something lighter can get organic teas too. Dairy alternatives like oat and soy milk are encouraged here.

The Ritual’s house blend is made up of 85% Arabica, 15% Robusta coffee beans. Photo credit: Spill

Being an entrepreneur, The Ritual’s founder, Cassandra Riene Tan (who also owns Botany), prides herself on making the venue a welcoming one to those finding a place to peacefully work off a laptop. You’ll therefore notice an abundance of plugs littered about.

It’s not just about work of course. It’s the food and drink that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Currently on tap are craft beers from Singapore’s own Alive Brewing, including hazy session IPA False Sense of Security ($15) and extra pale ale Little Xtra ($14). The former makes for a great accompaniment to any creative powwow, while the latter pairs well with The Ritual’s cuisine.

It’s in the food that you can truly tell the philosophy behind the place. Starting with the Tofu Tempeh Fries ($12), find a tasty low-carb alternative to straight up fries and a dip that’s to-die for. And with the Beetroot Gravlax Bagel ($23) breakfast offering, find a homemade bagel packed with moreish cured salmon, cream cheese and beetroot. 

If these dishes sound delicious to you, they are. But they are also healthier than similar ones you’ll find out there. This is especially true given no table salt and no MSG is used – only Himalayan salt, a more nutritious alternative, seasons the food here. 

Their Impossible Mala Somen ($22) is another good example. For this, they make their own szechuan sauce, ensuring only ingredients they approve of get used. And rather than meat, plant-based Impossible mince covers the addictive noodle bowl any mala fan will approve of.

The Impossible Mala Somen, a vegetarian dish to satiate your mala cravings. Photo credit: The Ritual

But Tan wants the place to be more than the sum of its (amazing) physical offerings. She insists on building a community aspect around The Ritual, advocating notions like mental wellness, spirituality, and real bonding through human experiences we all commonly share.

“The name of the cafe stems from my pursuit of living a purposeful life through meaningful rituals and to share the importance of having a balance between mind, body and soul,” shares Tan. 

“Many people are too focused on just one area of their lives and they find there’s always something missing – hence I want to create a safe space where the community can gather and practise healthy rituals that allow them to live a purpose driven life, changing routines to rituals.”

Whether you’ve got your own set of meaningful rituals already set in place, or am just starting to dabble into mindful, conscious living, Tan wants The Ritual to be that safe space for you to explore at your own pace.

To that end, she holds pop-ups with partners that are aligned with that mission. You’ll find apparel from boutique labels showcased around the space, or even a metaphysics mingling night held on-premise.

Stay tuned to their events page to find out what’s coming up next.

The Ritual is located at 383 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 259727.

Dannon Har

About the Author
Dannon Har is the Managing Editor of Spill. Discovering his innate gift for drinking only at a ripe age, he spares no time trying to find more delicious drops to imbibe during his time on Earth. When he’s not minding every detail at Spill, he spends his time concocting luscious libations and sharing them with folks that visit his home bar.