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A whisky barrel-aged Kit Kat is releasing in Japan

whisky barrel aged kit kat japan

There may already be over 400 (at last count) different flavours of Kit Kats launched in Japan, but this is one we’re truly excited about. 

Coming to Kit Kat Chocolatery stores in Japan starting 15 Dec are limited-edition, full-sized Whisky Barrel Aged Kit Kats (300 yen per box), featuring Kit Kat bars made using Ghanian cacao nibs that have been aged for 180 days in whisky barrels in Islay, Scotland.

The distillery housing the barrels wasn’t named, but we can safely assume that the peatiness of Islay Scotch will be a key characteristic being transferred onto the cacao nibs. 

Apparently, the barrels housing the nibs were rotated once a week as well, to ensure a more even, deeper enhancement of flavours during the ageing process.

Famed Japanese pastry chef Yasumasa Takagi is the man behind the creation of this fantastic new Kit Kat flavour. 

The Whisky Barrel Aged Kit Kat is promised to give off delicate whisky aromas and taste while not actually containing any whisky. Perfect for the sweet-toothed adults among us.