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Australian vegan-certified Flavabom wines now available in Singapore

One of the largest family-owned vineyards in South Australia, Bryne Vineyards, is now distributing their edgy wine label Flavabom in Singapore via MJ Wines International.

Immediately identifiable by their tattoo-inspired bottle labels, the Flavabom range of wines is a contemporary series by the sustainability-focused vineyard, and the brainchild of third-generation owner Petria Bryne and the estate’s winemakers. 

The name Flavabom comes from how the wines burst with flavours with each sip. In Singapore, three out of four of the range’s wines – Flavabom Rose, Flavabom Field White, and Flavabom Vine Dried Shiraz – are being brought in.

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The crisp and pale pink Flavabom Rose, made from shiraz grapes yet manages to be a light and refreshing vino, boasts of alluring strawberry and pear aromas with just a hint of citrus to tie it all together.

Meanwhile, the Flavabom Field White is a blend of semillon, chardonnay, and riesling varietals that are co-picked from a mixed plot and co-fermented, thus the label’s name. The result is a structured white wine offering a harmony of tropical and stone fruit notes.

Then there’s the Flavabom Vine Dried Shiraz, a standout for its rich dark fruit and baking spice tones coupled with a mouth-watering intensity. The winemakers used the appassimento method (known famously in making Amarones), where the grapes are first dried on the vines to concentrate its berry flavours, to achieve this. 

To mark the launch, MJ Wines is hosting a series of events at various spots around Singapore. Head over to their social pages for details.

Flavabom wines can be found on the website of MJ Wines, as well as at venues such as The Otherside and Wine Mansion. 

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