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Citadelle releases limited-edition pickle flavoured gin

Citadelle Vive Le Cornichon

French craft gin pioneer Citadelle, as part of their ‘Les Excentriques’ range of small batch limited edition releases, has launched the Vive Le Cornichon (meaning ‘love live pickles’ in French), a pickle flavoured gin made using actual French pickles.

The savoury gin, the brainchild of Citadelle founder and master distiller Alexandre Gabriel and his team, was produced as part of continuing efforts to push the boundaries of gin making. 

Similar to the way Citadelle produces its other gins, the Vive Le Cornichon is made using a patented process of gradual infusion of juniper berries and 19 other botanicals, this time with the added saline flavours of the pickles redefining the spirit.

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Not content with ordinary pickles, they’ve chosen to use 100% French hand-picked pickles from Maison Marc, a pickle brand well known to the lovers of French terroir, for this purpose.

The result is a gin that still smells and tastes a lot like the Citadelle Gin we know and love, but with added briny undertones that are especially poignant on the finish. Rather than a big pickle punch, the Vive Le Cornichon is gentle on the vinegary notes, allowing the gin to still be used in versatile ways.

If you’re hoping to get a bottle for yourself, act fast. With a production run of only 3000 bottles for worldwide distribution, the Vive Le Cornichon is highly limited.

In Singapore, the Citadelle Vive Le Cornichon is being distributed by Proof & Company and is available online via EC Proof

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