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Coravin launches new system for sparkling wine preservation

Coravin Sparkling

Technology company Coravin, best known for their still wine preservation systems, has unveiled a new product for the sparkling wine category.

Called Coravin Sparkling, the system is designed for use by consumers and on-premise businesses serving sparkling wines such as champagne, prosecco and cava. It promises to maintain carbonation level between pours, guaranteeing two weeks of preservation.

“When we first introduced the original Coravin system, we always knew that someday we would bring the same power and freedom to the sparkling wine category,” states Greg Lambrecht, founder of Coravin, in a media release. 

“After spending years in development, we’re thrilled to introduce Coravin Sparkling and deliver on our continued vision to allow anyone to pour any wine, still or sparkling, in any amount, without the pressure to quickly finish the bottle or the fear of wasting it.”

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Unlike the still wine Coravin systems the industry is familiar with, the Coravin Sparkling doesn’t work by piercing the cork with a needle. Neither does it use argon gas to displace oxygen. Instead, the Coravin Sparkling works by locking in effervescence.

It requires the user to first open the bottle. After pouring out the amount desired, a Sparkling Stopper is to be placed on the bottle and secured with a locking handle. A Sparking Charger is then used to fill the head space with carbon dioxide to prevent bubbles in the wine from escaping. 

To pour the next glass, the Sparkling Stopper is to be released before pouring out the desired amount. When done, reattach the Sparkling Stopper and recharge the bottle again with the Sparkling Charger.

The Sparkling Stopper, according to Coravin, features an internal locking clamp design that self-adjusts to fit securely on all standard 750ml and 1.5L magnum bottles, as well as unique bottle designs by notable luxury champagne producers.

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Regarding demand for such a product, CEO of Coravin, Christopher Ladd, states: “We know from conversations with our trade partners and customers that there is a strong desire for a product that allows for by-the-glass consumption of sparkling wines, perhaps even greater than still wines.” 

The recommended retail price of the Coravin Sparkling system is US$399, while the recommended retail price of the carbon dioxide replenishment capsules are US$44.95 and US$79.95 for six- and 12-packs, respectively.

It is set to be released in the late summer through, leading retailers and select distributors.

Find out more about the Coravin Sparkling system.