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Deliver cheer to your thirsty stay-home friends with this craft beer gift box

Thirsty Thirst Aid Kit Stay-Home Gift Box

Grappling with the endemic new normal means plenty of staying at home, socialising less (a whole lot less), and possibly even getting news of our friends and family dealing with stay-home notices and quarantine orders.

With the prolonged periods of segregation taking its toll, we’re always on the lookout for something to gift our closest and dearest to soothe – even if just a little – their distanced-battered hearts and minds.

The new Thirsty “Thirst Aid Kit” Stay-Home Gift Box (S$55) fits just that bill; a fuss-free and fun collection of craft beers made specifically for the purpose stated. Inside each compact package is a mystery selection of 9 330ml-375ml cans, or 8 cans if you’d rather have a Thirsty beer glass in replacement.

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Though it’s a mystery what you’ll get, what’s guaranteed are the varied beer styles. There’s a Session Ale, Wheat Ale, Saison, Pale Ale, Hazy IPA, IPA, Amber Ale, Stout, and Imperial Sour Ale (or Thirsty Beer Glass) in every box. In a way, it’s also a great discovery box for drinkers to explore the wide world of craft beer.

The truly thirsty among you will be glad to know that beers in the mystery box are constantly rotated every week (but always something from Australia, Singapore or the US), keeping it interesting even if you’re gifting the box to the same person again.

For extra thoughtfulness and that personal touch, feel free to type in a message when checking out and it’ll be added onto a handwritten card in the box, at no extra charge.

The Thirsty “Thirst Aid Kit” Stay-Home Gift Box (S$55) is available on Free same-day delivery available for orders before 4pm.

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