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District Brewers debuts with three beers paying homage to Singapore districts

District Brewers beers

Arriving on the scene just in time for the holidays is new craft beer label District Brewers by 9DB. 

Gypsy brewing out of the The Craft Alliance’s modern facility in Tuas, the new boys in town are looking at filling the gap between international commercial beers and craft beers by offering consistently quality brews that are easy-to-drink and true-to-style, yet sold at reasonable prices (S$6.50/bottle online). 

Made to appeal to craft beer drinkers while remaining accessible to everyone, they are setting the tone by debuting with three beers – Tuas Factor Pilsner, Mandai Lager, and Orchard Hop’in Session IPA – that each have their own distinct profile while also referencing a Singapore district in their name.

Packing bottles of District Brewers’ Mandai Lager at The Craft Alliance’s brewery in Tuas.

The Tuas Factor Pilsner, with a label design of a wolf donning industrial gear, is a light and refreshing brew meant to appeal to the hardworking, industrious pack in Tuas. This is a German style pilsner meant to be enjoyed together with your crew, who like the workers in Tuas, can only be stronger together.

The Mandai Lager meanwhile has the eponymous district’s top primate gracing its label, and is a beer truly exemplifying District Brewers’ ethos. A Vienna style lager brewed using floral and fruit-forward hops more commonly found in IPAs, the aromatic beer is a great bridge for those who enjoy the crispness of commercial lagers, while giving seasoned palates added profiles to savour.

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Then there’s the Orchard Hop’in Session IPA, that takes reference from both the titular district’s modern day reputation as a retail haven and its past as a zone filled with fruit plantations. The result is a resinous and easy IPA full of tropical fruit tones and balanced bitterness, best drunk in the comfort of a restaurant or bar in Orchard Road while people watching.

The folks from District Brewers are having a series of events to mark their launch. On Dec 17, those utterly confident of their palates should head on over to Hop Around Bistro on Bain Street, where a beer blind tasting challenge is taking place. Simply match all 12 beers in the running correctly, and a special District Brewers gift pack is yours.

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Then come Dec 19, a noodles and beer Sunday Brunch sesh is happening at Wanton Seng’s on Ann Siang Hill, where free-flowing noodles and specially priced beers await. Those preferring to have their beers with satay, mark your calendars for Dec 21 instead, where Mikkeller Singapore on Smith Street will be playing host.

More events are already in the works and will be revealed come January 2022. But until then, head on out to the abovementioned venues to have a taste of all three new beers, or simply head online and grab some from the District Brewers e-store.

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