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Korea’s Jinro releases tonic water label in Singapore

Jinro soju and tonic water

Seeking to gratify people’s love for Gin & Tonics and soju (which remains the world’s best selling liquor) at the same time is Jinro Tonic Water, a product from South Korea’s Hite Jinro now newly released in this part of the world.

It’s meant as the ideal accompaniment to Jinro’s Chamisul Fresh soju, and essentially works just as you’d expect. Simply combine the soju with the Jinro Tonic Water together in a glass and you’re done. Add ice and garnishing as you see fit.

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But unlike regular Gin & Tonics that usually go for at least a 1:3 ratio of gin to tonic, they are recommending a 1:1 ratio of soju to tonic, presumably since soju has a much lower ABV and cleaner taste profile compared to gins.

On its own, the taste of the Jinro Tonic Water veers towards the sweet side, with light hints of quinine, and blossoming with boisterous bubbles.

It is being brought onto Singapore’s shores by distributors House of Amber Nectar, who is also the sole authorised importer of Jinro’s wide range of other products.

As part of the launch, special bundles comprising Chamisul Fresh and Jinro Tonic Water are now available via Amber Nectar’s e-store, as well as on Shopee and Lazada.

The bundles start at S$16.40, consisting of a 360ml Chamisul Fresh soju and two 250ml cans of Jinro Tonic Water. Or go double that and get two 360ml bottles of Chamisul Fresh soju and four 250ml cans of Jinro Tonic Water for S$32.60. 

Select bars and restaurants in town carrying Jinro Tonic Water include Pocha in a Forest, Mukjja, Stickies, Nanta BBQ and more.

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