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Long Bar launches inaugural Singapore Sling Day

Singapore Sling Day

Singapore’s national drink, none other than the Singapore Sling, is getting its very own celebratory day.

The bar credited with the invention of the iconic cocktail, Long Bar, has declared June 27, 2021 to mark the debut of Singapore Sling Day. The day was chosen to coincide with International Pineapple Day, since the tropical fruit features prominently as an ingredient in the drink.

To mark the occasion, everyone is invited to head down to Long Bar with a pineapple, where for one day only, the tropical fruit is being accepted in exchange for a glass of Singapore Sling.

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In addition, Singapore Sling Day also marks the start of Slingology, a year-long festivity that sees bartenders from Singapore’s top cocktail bars take on guest shifts at Long Bar.

Happening on the last Sunday of each month, each guest bartender will present their own take on the Singapore Sling, alongside a few of their own creations. The drinks will then be available for a whole month at Long Bar, until the next bartender takeover.

The first guest bartender behind the bar will be Jason Williams of Proof and Company (the consultant-distributors behind many of Singapore’s best bars), who will be concocting two drinks, the Pineapple Hospitality and the Sling Old Fashioned, on June 27. The next two guest shifts in the coming months will be taken on by bartenders from 28 Hong Kong Street and Atlas.

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Until August 31, each order of the Singapore Sling, or a spin of the classic by the guest bartenders, also entitles guests to another complimentary Singapore Sling.

The Singapore Sling was first invented by Hainanese bartender Ngiam Tong Boon, who in 1915 working at Long Bar, decided to create the pink and tropical cocktail in an effort to disguise it as fruit juice to cater to ladies. Those days, women were frowned upon if seen drinking alcohol in public.

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