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Maker’s Mark releases its oldest bourbon expression yet

Age statements can be a very nuanced thing in the whisky world. Some see it as just a number, while others might think it’s the key definition of the liquid.

For distillery Maker’s Mark, which just released their oldest bourbon yet here in Singapore – the Maker’s Mark Cellar Aged – they think it’s how you use that time spent in ageing that matters most. It’s quite the statement, given that ageing for extended periods of time in Kentucky, USA is its own unique challenge given the climate there.

While the classic Maker’s Mark is aged for around 6 years, the Maker’s Mark Cellar Aged is made using a mix of 11- and 12-year-old whiskies, comprising 13% and 87% of the spirit respectively. The Cellar Aged is also bottled at cask strength (around 57.85% ABV).

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That extra 6 years or so is also spent differently. After spending its first half-dozen years in traditional bourbon warehouses to become a Maker’s Mark product, the barrels are then moved to the distillery’s proprietary limestone cellar for an additional 5 to 6 years of maturation before being blended to taste and bottled.

Built into the natural limestone shelf of the Kentucky hills, the cellar’s consistently cool environment slows down the tannic impact that occurs during maturation, while allowing the bourbon to develop a deeper, darker flavour with hidden depths, but no bitterness.

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According to Maker’s Mark, this unique ageing process makes all the difference, resulting in a flavour profile that is rich and complex without the tannic bitterness that many other older American whiskies suffer from.

Maker’s Mark Cellar Aged will be an annual, limited release available in specific markets around the world. Singapore will be the only market in Southeast Asia to launch the limited edition, and is one of only two markets in Asia (the other being Japan) to carry this expression. 

It will be available for purchase online at iShopChangi from 27 March 2024 at the suggested retail price of S$250, before being rolled out at selected establishments islandwide from 1 April 2024.

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