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Martell launches dining event showcasing the creative use of its cognacs

Martell Cordon Bleu Madame Fan

The world’s oldest cognac house is kicking-off an event in Singapore, the Perfect Pairing by Martell, to highlight the finesse and versatility of its products.

Happening from Oct 14-Dec 18, 2022, Martell has partnered with 11 dining establishments to offer menus and experiences that all make good use of its cognacs – whether as a pairing, ingredient in a dish, or as a cocktail.

The participating venues include Avenue 87, Chinoiserie, Corduroy Palace, Good Graces, Madame Fan, Mimi, Table At 7, Table65, Taste Paradise, The Feather Blade, and Yan’s Dining.

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Over 2 months, the various restaurants will each offer a unique experience available for booking via Martell’s dedicated Perfect Pairing microsite.

At modern Cantonese restaurant Madame Fan for instance, a 6-course pairing menu (S$298 per person) awaits. Expect three different cognacs – Martell Cordon Bleu, Martell Noblige, and the revered Martell Chanteloup XXO – to appear throughout the meal as pairings, as well as infusions in the dishes.

Good Graces

One of the more unique experiences can be found at Good Graces. A private dining establishment focusing on the chef’s heritage, find items like babi assam, laksa, and beef rendang paired with cognac and cocktails in the 8-course (S$198 per person) offering.

Or go for a classic (with a twist) steak-and-cognac pairing course (S$248 per person) at The Feather Blade. The chefs and bartenders there make full use of cognacs in dishes like their Martell XO Oxtail Soup, as well as in cocktails like the Milo Coffee Martini made using the Martell Noblige.

Bookings open on Oct 14. For more details and reservations, head over to the microsite. Perfect Pairing by Martell takes place Oct 14-Dec 18, 2022 at 11 different venues across Singapore.

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