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Mighty Cask, a trio of whiskies made for today’s phygital collectors

Mighty Cask

Whisky collectors have been making a killing. With prices constantly on the rise, calling them liquid gold has never been more apt as it is now.

But when it comes to collectibles, nothing has been capturing the minds of the masses more these days than Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs). After all, the blockchain-enabled technology has been dominating headlines with news of digital artworks selling for astronomical prices.

It makes sense then, that the world of whisky investing would want in on some of this action. And with the newly launched Mighty Cask, a collaborative collection between whisky community The Chambers by Cask and future culture company Mighty Jaxx, the best of both worlds can be in your hands.

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The Mighty Cask is actually a collection of three unique independent 700ml bottlings, all single malt Scotches, and unified under a common theme inspired by the story of brotherhood as told in the Chinese literary classic, Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Each bottle is thus personified by a character in the tale. Guan Yu, known for his ideals of loyalty and righteousness, contains a 20-year-old Caperdonich. Meanwhile, Liu Bei, characterised by benevolence, holds a 22-year-old Glen Keith. Finally, Zhang Fei, depicted by his might in defeating an army of 10,000, carries a 23-year-old Glen Grant.

The whiskies themselves, all bottled at cask strength and hailing from storied distilleries, come in ornately designed bottles complete with box and a stylized ring holder that fits nicely around the bottle. The rings, when stacked upon one another, then depicts a full battle scene, adding to the storytelling.

The Mighty Cask trio at The Chambers by Cask

But the Mighty Cask collection goes beyond just the trio of exclusive bottlings and its packaging. Owners of the bottles can go on to authenticate their limited-edition bottles on the Mighty Jaxx app and choose to acquire digital versions of the bottle designs in the form of NFTs.

Then, taking it yet another step further, holders of said NFTs will be given the chance to purchase a highly limited miniature series of Mighty Cask whiskies in sets of three as well, completing the phygital loop.

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“Good whisky is valued not just for its rich fragrance and complex flavours, but also for its ability to foster camaraderie and spark solidarity,” says Bryan Tan, chief strategy officer at Mighty Jaxx, regarding the collaboration. “We focused on translating these experiences as an art form, creating a collection of good, finely aged whiskies that tastes and looks great.”

He adds: “Additionally, as NFTs grow in popularity amongst a new generation of digital-native collectors, Mighty Cask marks a hallmark collaboration, bringing together different collectibles – whiskies, uniquely designed art bottles, and digital tokens to meet new demands.”

The Mighty Cask collection is now available for purchase at The Chambers by Cask. Each set of three retails at a launch price of S$4,888, with the standard retail price standing at S$5,888. The first 138 customers who authenticate and mint the digital collectible will also be invited to purchase a set of three miniatures for S$188.