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Monkey Shoulder makes fun of virtual meetings with RTD launch campaign

Monkey Shoulder whisky Zoomtails canned cocktails

Playful blended Scotch whisky brand Monkey Shoulder hopes to bring some levity to your homes with the launch of a new ready-to-drink canned cocktail range in Singapore.

Done in collaboration with cocktail bar Sago House, the Zoomtails, as they’re called, come in four varieties, with two of them named after often-heard virtual meeting phrases ‘Is Everyone Here’ and ‘You’re on Mute’.

The former is a fizzy highball drink made from sarsaparilla, Angostura bitters and, of course, Monkey Shoulder, while the latter is a bitter-sweet concoction of Aperol, Averna, citrus, Cointreau and, again, Monkey Shoulder.

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The two other canned cocktails in the range include fruity and refreshing The Best Practice (Monkey Shoulder, green tea, triple sec, soursop, raspberry, citrus) and tiki-like drink The Low-Hanging Fruit (Monkey Shoulder, coconut water, pineapple, ice cream soda).

Alongside the products, Monkey Shoulder is launching a light-hearted campaign Don’t Let The Grind Get You Down, in an effort to bring some fun into everyone’s homes even as the daily grind and work-from-home blues tries to bring us down.

To that end, Monkey Shoulder has created a new microsite filled with cocktail recipes, music playlists, giveaway contests, and even a digital card game called Cards for Hilarity (similar to Cards Against Humanity) you can play virtually with your friends.

“As we get older, life can seem a little monotonous with what seems like a never-ending to-do list of responsibilities and life admin. The work and stress involved in exciting milestone moments like getting a job, preparing for a house or even planning a wedding can sometimes overshadow the fun of achieving them. But, at Monkey Shoulder, we believe that approaching life’s milestones shouldn’t mean having less fun,” says Samuel Ng, regional brand ambassador for Monkey Shoulder. 

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“With the Don’t Let The Grind Get You Down campaign, we want to mix things up and inject some fun into common complaints, while bringing a little playful escapism to the stress, tedium and societal pressures of work.”

The Monkey Shoulder brand has been busy. Earlier this year, they introduced a new product, the Smokey Monkey, to the Singapore market as well. The lightly peated blended malt Scotch, however, is only available at participating bars and not via retail.

To get your hands on a Monkey Shoulder Zoomtails Box (S$55), head to Sago House’s online store. Each box comes with one of each of the four canned cocktails, delivered to you chilled and ready-to-drink. For regular promotions and updates, check out the Monkey Shoulder microsite.