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Off Day releases Singapore’s first whisky barrel-aged beer (and it’s not a stout)

Wax On

Slightly over a year since it arrived onto the craft scene, Singaporean brewery label Off Day Beer Company is set to debut the nation’s first whisky barrel-aged beer.

Though attempts at using wood chips and staves to impart ageing notes into beer have been done before, this is the first time a beer brand has filled actual whisky casks to age its beers in Singapore.

Cheekily named Wax On, the aged beer is made from a Belgian Tripel (in turn called Wax Off) brewed locally at The General Brewing Co specifically for this endeavor.

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No coincidence, the name is in reference to the highly recognisable movie line from The Karate Kid, which “captures the idea of having faith over the course of time”, states their press release. “This was something we found extremely relevant to the concept of barrel ageing.”

Off Day Beer Company co-founder Casey Choo holding a bottle of Wax On barrel-aged beer. The label design is done by Paris-based artist Khalaf Chebbo.

Other than the figurative reference, the names Wax On and Wax Off also literally points to the wax seal top seen on the former’s 640ml bottling but not the latter.

As for the beers themselves, the base Belgian Tripel, Wax Off, is actually a brilliant beer in its own right. True to style, it comes in at a hefty 9% ABV, boasting soft malt flavours and a moreish crisp-dry mouthfeel.

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Once aged, it takes on a starkly different tone. The Wax On only looks mildly darker in appearance as it is aged for only a month in ex-Scotch casks. But thanks to Singapore’s tropical ageing environments, the imparting of oak characteristics has been much more rapid.

Find toastly vanilla, nuttiness and ripe plum notes present in the aged beer that wasn’t found in the original Tripel. They have aged the beer for only a month (in room temperature at the brewery), as according to brewer Daryl Yeap, any longer and the barrel notes might be too overpowering.

The beautiful Glen Moray cask sitting at the brewery.

The cask itself was obtained in partnership with independent bottlers M&E Drinks and Porcine Partners, and formerly housed Speyside distillery Glen Moray whisky.

As stocks are understandably limited (there is only one barrel), Off Day will be making available its Wax On/Wax Off beers on tap only at three bars at launch on April 21, namely at Good Luck Beerhouse, Smith Street Taps and Orh Gao Taproom.

Meanwhile, 640ml bottles will be available from April 23 at retailers such as Beer Force, Hop Shop, Temple Cellars, and of course, on Off Day’s own website.

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