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Putien takes on sole distributorship of Shang Yang Tai baijiu in Singapore

Shang Yang Tai

In an effort to further the appreciation of premium baijiu, Singapore-founded Fujian cuisine restaurant chain Putien has entered into a strategic agreement with Shang Yang Tai, bringing their brand of high quality Chinese liquor into the Singapore market.

The jiang (or sauce) style baijiu originates from a distillery in Moutai Town, the birthplace of many famed baijiu brands, and is crafted by master brewers from Moufans Commune, a cooperative of liquor industry experts based in Beijing.

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The expert team ensured stringent quality control by evaluating the entire production process and maintaining constant supervision to meticulously select a quality base spirit for the creation of the baijiu. Specific elements such as constant temperature control, ageing in traditional pottery jars, and competitive blending work done by the master brewers, resulted in the final product.

“Shang Yang Tai has a sweet, soft bodied, mellow, elegant taste, and pleasant lingering aftertaste. I could not get enough of it when I first tried it and decided to introduce the brand to Singapore, so that more gourmets can enjoy this exceptional baijiu with friends,” said Putien’s founder Fong Chi Chung regarding the reason for choosing Shang Yang Tai.

Shang Yang Tai baijiu in 100ml and 500ml bottles

“Shang Yang Tai’s three brand pillars of selection, storage, and blending ensures the premium quality of the final product, making it an excellent choice for collection and investment,” he adds.

Shang Yang Tai as a brand is inspired by the sole surviving artwork of renowned Chinese poet Li Bai, the Shangyangtai Script. It is the one and only original calligraphy work of his still in existence, and the affiliation with the script was chosen as a way to frame Shang Yang Tai as a baijiu meant for intellectuals to appreciate.

Putien now exclusively distributes Shang Yang Tai baijiu in Singapore in 100ml (S$79) and 500ml (S$379) formats, and is available at all of their restaurants and partner retail venues.

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