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Renowned independent bottler Duncan Taylor makes Singapore landfall

Duncan Taylor Port Ellen 1983

Purveyor of rare and fine Scotch since 1938, local cask broker turned global whisky connoisseur Duncan Taylor has made its official debut in Singapore, partnering with Signature Reserve to bring its highly covered collections to this part of the world.

Housing one of the largest whisky libraries in Singapore, Signature Reserve at the Fullerton Hotel, run by the same folks behind The Whisky Store, was the venue chosen to introduce some of Duncan Taylor’s prized bottlings.

During an exclusive tasting held on Oct 25, Duncan Taylor brand ambassador Fergus Simpson led media, trade and private clients as they tasted whiskies such as the Bowmore 1982 (aged 31 years), Bunnahabhain 1969 (aged 43 years), and the highly sought after Port Ellen 1983 (aged 40 years).

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Seasoned collectors will easily appreciate the rarity of Duncan Taylor’s stock. The Port Ellen 1983 in particular is a rare treat, not just because of the long age, but also because the distillery is no longer in operation, making these bottles highly limited.

To get your hands on these prized bottlings, The Whisky Store is now offering pre-orders at special launch prices, with the whiskies themselves making their way to Singapore come early December 2023.

For more information, head to The Whisky Store’s dedicated pre-order page.

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