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Sachi launches new range of soy wine in fruity and floral flavours

Sachi soy wine flavours

Homegrown Singapore brand Sachi, producers of the world’s first soy alcoholic beverage, has released a new line of products made using their patented fermentation technology.

Known for their flagship product, the Sachi Soy Wine, which first made headlines thanks to its unique production method of upcycling unwanted soy whey, they have now launched flavoured versions in three different variations.

The flavours – Lychee & Rose, Peach & Oolong, and Yuzu & Bergamot – were chosen as a means to continue engaging with Sachi’s target demographic: consumers of alcohol who are conscious of their calorie and volume intake, and who are perhaps more mindful about the environmental impact linked to consumption as well.

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To that end, Sachi’s new line of flavoured soy wine continues to be brewed sustainably from soy whey (discarded by-products of tofu manufacturing), and is low in calories, rich in antioxidants, plus are gluten-free and vegan-friendly as well.

Unlike the original Sachi Soy Wine however, which comes in both full 500ml and mini 187ml bottles, the flavoured ones are only available in mini versions.

“We want to revolutionise the way people think about alcoholic beverages by inviting them to savour the possibilities,” stated Jonathan Ng, Chief Executive Officer of SinFooTech, the company behind the Sachi brand, in a media release.

Though termed soy wine, it will be remiss to consider Sachi products according to the nuances and characteristics of vino as we know it, especially considering no grapes were at all used in its manufacturing. Rather, Sachi’s soy-based alcohol is in a class of its own.

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Ng also teases that this latest launch will by no means be the last. “By using a novel base ingredient such as soy whey, we have succeeded in creating a series of never-before-seen alcoholic beverages, and we will continue to challenge the assumption that alcoholic beverages must be made from different raw materials, with our future products which are currently under development,” he adds.

Sachi Lychee & Rose, Peach & Oolong, and Yuzu & Bergamot (S$15/187ml bottle) are available on the company’s webstore, as well as via major e-commerce platforms such as Lazada, Shopee, and FairPrice Online.