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Suntory launches Sui, a made-in-Japan gin meant for pairing with food

Sui Gin

The folks behind popular bar staple Roku Gin, Suntory, has now released Sui Gin, a more accessible variant of its craftier counterpart.

The name Sui, meaning ‘Kingfisher’ or ‘Jade’ in Japanese, was chosen to symbolise Suntory’s hope that the spirit will soar high in the gin market, while also pointing towards the blue-green hue of Sui’s chosen colour scheme.

Made in the same Suntory Osaka plant that produced Roku, Sui is the result of using a classic gin botanical base of juniper, coriander seed, angelica root, cardamom, cinnamon, bitter orange peel, and lemon peel in its distillation, but given greater Japanese flair with the addition of yuzu, green tea, and ginger.

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These added three ingredients are chosen for their conviviality with Japanese cuisine. The idea is for Sui to be an accompaniment with food, such as izakaya cuisine, rather than as a standalone drink to be had on its own. 

None of the individual botanicals thus stand out too much, making Sui an affordable and versatile base in a bartender’s arsenal. Being naturally slightly sweet, it works wonders in highball drinks like gin sodas or gin & tonics. Go for a gin sonic (half soda, half tonic) to get the best of both worlds.

Suntory also recommends enjoying Sui Gin highballs with complementary mixers and garnishes like green tea, ginger slices, and yuzu juice to accentuate its natural flavours.

Dishes at EN Dining. Sui Gin is meant to be enjoyed together with food.

As part of its launch in Singapore, Sui is partnering with Japanese restaurant and bar EN Dining for an activation. From now till 5 July, ala carte buffet diners can top-up S$20 for free-flow of Sui Gin Sonics. Or go for the ala carte Sui Gin buffet on its own for S$35, where you can have the gin neat, on the rocks, or with soda. Individual Sui Gin cocktails are going for S$12 each.

Sui Gin is now retailing at supermarkets and retailers islandwide the likes of Cold Storage, Shopee, Don Don Donki, and Meidiya, among others. Retail prices for each 700ml bottle are in the S$50 range.

EN Dining is located at #01-10 Capital Tower, 168 Robinson Road, Singapore 068912. 

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