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Taste modern remakes of the Singapore Sling at Slingology

Silouette Singapore Sling Long Bar Studio 1939

The inaugural Singapore Sling Day took place earlier this year, with Long Bar at Raffles Hotel Singapore – the place where the namesake classic concoction was born – declaring June 27 to be an annual celebratory day for Singapore’s national cocktail.

As part of the celebrations, Slingology, a year-long festivity that sees bartenders from Singapore’s top cocktail joints come up with remixes of the Singapore Sling and take on guest shifts at Long Bar, was also launched.

The likes of Proof & Company, Atlas, and 28 Hong Kong Street kicked things off. And now, the next few guest shifts have been announced, with Studio 1939 at Potato Head taking the baton all the way till Nov 27, then passing it on to Junior The Pocket Bar till Christmas Day itself on Dec 25. 

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If you’re heading down these couple of weeks, expect a few limited-time creations to be available, with Studio 1939’s head bartender Gavin Teravasan expertly crafting a guest menu for guests to enjoy.

There is, of course, his take on the Singapore Sling. Named the Silhouette, it’s a punchy drink that retains much of the original’s tropical tones and refreshing quality, and made using rum, Suze, prosecco, raspberry liqueur, fresh pineapple juice, Angostura Bitters, and Peychaud’s Bitters.

But don’t stop there. On his guest menu are two more drinks to keep the night going on a spirited note. The Hey Pal is a bourbon-based sherry laden drink meant to be a great conversation starter, while the Momotaro’s Adventure is a floral, botanical sour that will easily rouse your palate.

All three drinks crafted for Slingology by Studio 1939 go for S$26 each, and is available till Nov 27. Head to Long Bar’s website for details.

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