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The Peddlers Gin Company launches Salted Plum Gin in Singapore

Peddlers Gin Co Salted Plum Gin

Producers of the world’s first Shanghai gin, The Peddlers Gin Company, has brought their latest creation to Singapore’s shores through independent distributors Proof & Company.

The Salted Plum Gin, arriving just in time for the festive season, is the Shanghai-based distillery’s take on the classic sloe gin, but with a uniquely Chinese twist. 

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Inspired by the thirst-quenching and traditional Suan Mei Tang (salted plum drink) sold by vendors on the streets in summertime, the Peddlers Salted Plum Gin draws from this humble yet culturally rich beverage for its flavour profile.

It is recommended to enjoy the Peddlers Salted Plum Gin as a highball drink

It is made by first taking their original Shanghai Gin as a base. It is then infused with salted plums, mulberry, hawthorne, and osmanthus for three months, before being aged for a month in Spanish Oloroso sherry casks.

In this sense, the Peddlers Salted Plum Gin is akin to a barrel-aged sloe gin in style, but boasting of unmistakably oriental notes of plums and osmanthus petals, and rounded out with hints of vanilla and oak from the aged finish.

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The Peddlers Salted Plum Gin is recommended to be enjoyed as a highball by mixing it with soda water, or even using it in a Negroni recipe.

In Singapore, the Peddlers Salted Plum Gin (S$69) can be found retailing via EC Proof’s online store.

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