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The Sunset Sling is Brass Lion Distillery’s take on the Singapore Sling

Sunset Sling

Above image: The Sunset Sling by Brass Lion Distillery

Singapore’s national cocktail, the Singapore Sling, has seen its fair share of twists and riffs. The gin-based tropical drink is, after all, a time-honored classic with a solid recipe template worth reiterating by today’s bartenders.  

At the latest edition of Slingology, a running monthly event organised by the original creators of the Singapore Sling, Long Bar, none other than local producers Brass Lion Distillery will be offering their take on the famed cocktail with their guest menu.

From now till Mar 6, visitors to Long Bar will be able to try the Sunset Sling, a creation by Brass Lion using their own locally-made gin. In it is Brass Lion Distillery’s eye-catching Butterfly Pea Gin, pineapple, rojak honey, and lime soda, for a mix that is more floral and layered than the original.

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There’s also nothing quite like using gin made by a homegrown distillery in a spin on the country’s national cocktail. Even though the original recipe typically calls for a London Dry style of gin, we think the use of local ingredients and locally produced spirits add yet another dimension to appreciate. 

While you’re there, feel free to try Brass Lion Distillery’s two other cocktails that are on the time-limited menu. There’s the Dusty Apple Spritz, a refreshing tipple which uses their flagship Singapore Dry Gin as a base, then mixed with smokey apple tea and soda. 

Or for a twist on another classic, go for the Pahit Negroni. It’s concocted using Brass Lion’s bitter and spiced Pahit Pink Gin as a solid base, then stirred down with sweet vermouth, Cherry Heering Liqueur, and of course, Campari.

All three drinks crafted for Slingology by Brass Lion Distillery go for S$26 each, and is available till Mar 6. Head to Long Bar’s website for details.

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