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Unique production processes make Meikle Tòir a peated Speyside Scotch unlike any other

Meikle Toir

From independent distillery GlenAllachie – best known for their eponymous range of award-winning Speyside single malts – comes Meikle Tòir, a new range of four 5-Year-Old expressions from Master Distiller Billy Walker that sets itself apart with its unique production methods.

A peated Speyside whisky (an uncommon style in itself), Meikle Tòir stands out from most other Scotch labels with its long fermentation times and one-of-a-kind spirit maturation process. Use of mainland peat from St Fergus – renowned for imparting a sweeter, oakier smoke profile – is also used to further distinguish itself from its counterparts.

In terms of fermentation times, Walker has taken great lengths to extend the period to 160 hours, which is roughly three times longer than the industry average. This results in a wash that translates into a thick, ester-rich distillate imbued with greater complexity and flavour.

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In terms of ageing, a mix of typical ex-bourbon casks, to virgin American oak casks and Oloroso Sherry barrels are used, depending on the expression. While nothing special at first glance, it is the way maturation has been done that sets Meikle Tòir apart.

The Original (our favourite), for instance, is an expression that first spends time in ex-bourbon barrels, before ageing in American virgin oak casks and rye barrels for extended durations of more than a year – not just for several months as is the usual case with cask finishes.

Then there is The Sherry One, which first ages in ex-bourbon barrels before spending time maturing in Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso Sherry puncheons. We love The Chinquapin One, an extra special expression which is secondarily aged in Chinquapin virgin oak barrels for bold notes of baking spices and toasted nuts.

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Lastly, there is The Turbo 2023 Edition. This expression further distinguishes itself by being made with a distillate cut from the heart of the heart, the middle-most portion of the spirit coming off the still that contains the highest phenol content. The Turbo is highly limited too, given that it is bottled from just five chosen Oloroso sherry hogsheads.

We like that all Meikle Tòir whiskies are also non-chill filtered, have no added colouring, and are bottled at higher-than-normal proof, ranging from 48%-50% ABV, compared to the more common standard of 40% ABV. All this adds to the flavour and intensity of the whiskies, giving them more dimensions than you would expect from a spirit of its age.

Meikle Tòir is now available in Singapore through distributors Asiaeuro.

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