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About Us

We’re here to support, grow and add value to the booming craft alcohol scene. As the appreciation for artisanal adult beverages continues its ascent, we find an increasing need for a platform to properly showcase the processes and people behind them. The stories of small, independent producers go untold everyday, and Spill is on a mission to change that, to chronicle the culture it shapes and inherits. Whether it’s about brewing, viticulture, distilling or cocktail making, we go where the stories lead us.

The Founding
It was towards the end of an unprecedented year, in 2020, when Spill was born. The year took everyone by surprise, creating a new normal way of doing and seeing things. It was during this tumultuous year that Spill’s founders – all alcohol enthusiasts at heart – decided to launch this online magazine.

Starting a new business, what more in the declining publishing industry, may not sound like a sensible move. But we find it to be a highly meaningful, worthwhile endeavour regardless of business viability. As an ally and proponent of the craft alcohol scene, we do things differently at Spill.

Small, craft alcohol beverage producers are sprouting up all across the world. While they’ve been getting some attention, we find it isn’t enough, and their stories are rarely told from a local lens.

We are here to change that. We are here to tell the myriad stories of independent producers out there that are trying to break the mold just like we are. All without preconceived notions or having a singular definition of what craft can be.