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Westward Whiskey unveils new wine and stout barrel finished expressions

Westward Whiskey American Single Malt Portland

Portland-based purveyor of American single malts, Westward Whiskey, has released three new expressions in Singapore: the Westward Whiskey Pinot Noir Cask, Westward Whiskey Stout Cask, and Westward Whiskey Cask Strength. 

The introduction of these spirits, housed in a new custom bottle design alongside their new logo, is meant to celebrate the whiskey’s origins and connection to the culture, climate, and natural ingredients of the American Northwest.

A tribute to Oregon’s winemaking tradition, The Westward Whiskey Pinot Noir Cask is a lively expression offering aromatics of fig and apricot, with rich malt and dark chocolate on the finish. This bottling also garnered a double gold award at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2021.

Meanwhile, the Westward Whiskey Stout Cask presents a combination of hazelnut, honeycomb, and roasted barley aromas, complemented by a palate boasting milk chocolate, banana, and almond toffee flavors. It earned a gold award at the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

The Westward Whiskey Stout Cask

Lastly, the Westward Whiskey Cask Strength offers bold aromas of toasted almond, graham cracker, and black pepper. On the palate are sesame, tobacco leaf, and cacao, with a honeyed, deep malt finish. The Cask Strength has received numerous accolades, including double gold at the San Francisco Spirits Competition in 2019. It was also recognized as one of the top 5 whiskies of 2022 by the Whisky Advocate.

Westward Whiskey founder and CEO Thomas Mooney, alongside his team of former brewers, winemakers, and chefs, have pooled their expertise together to create this latest range of American single malts.

The process starts with the brewing of an American Pale Ale made from locally malted barley and ale yeast, followed by a slow, low-temperature fermentation. It is then distilled in custom low-reflux pot stills, akin to the process of most single malts.

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The next stage involves the maturation of the spirit in new American oak barrels, rather than ex-bourbon barrels as is the case with Scotch. The new barrels are heavily toasted and lightly charred to accentuate the new-make’s inherently bold characteristics. 

Finally, barrels of whiskey are mingled in small batches. According to Westward Whiskey, this is how they best showcase their signature flavor profiles that are full of complex earthy, fruity, and spicy notes.

Westward Whiskey’s new visuals and packaging reflects this methodology. The cuts and edges of the glass bottle mirrors the raw beauty of the American Northwest’s mountain ranges while little details point towards the intricate craftsmanship involved.

In Singapore, the Westward Whiskey Pinot Noir Cask, Westward Whiskey Stout Cask, Westward Whiskey Cask Strength, and of course the Westward Whiskey Original, can be found on

Bars and venues such as Underdog Inn, The Secret Mermaid, The Bar at 15 Stamford, and The American Club also carry Westward Whiskey products.

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