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The new Coravin Pivot is the accessible wine preservation tool for everyday drinkers

Coravin Pivot

When it comes to wine preservation technology, Coravin is at the top of the game. Their flagship products are well-known and used by top sommeliers, wine connoisseurs, and trade professionals all over the world.

Their products do often come at a premium, however. Yet that’s the price many are willing to pay for a trusted and dependable system, especially when you’re opening a very precious, very old vintage which prices in the thousands.

But what if you’re not looking at opening rare or expensive vinos, but rather, just looking at opening a mid range bottle and having only a glass or two. That’s where the Coravin Pivot, which newly arrived in the Singapore market, comes in. 

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Unlike their flagship Timeless series of products which can cost anywhere from S$300-S$1000 depending on the bundle and model you’re getting, the Coravin Pivot prices in the S$200 range, and uses a different method to keep the wines in good shape.

While the original system uses a needle to pierce through the cork to access the wine, the Coravin Pivot requires you to first uncork the bottle and place in a Pivot Stopper. This stopper seals the opening but has a flap that opens, and the machine can then be inserted in to access the wine inside.

The Coravin Pivot device and stoppers

This mechanism makes it an easier-to-use, more intuitive tool compared to Coravin’s other high-tech flagship products, which might take some getting used to. The Coravin Pivot also pours faster since the tube is much bigger compared to a mere needle.

A similarity lies in the use of argon gas to keep the wine preserved. Similar to the main product line, the Coravin Pivot pumps in neutral argon gas as you pour to block out oxygen, ensuring as little oxidation happens as possible. 

According to Coravin, this ensures that the bottle stays as good as the first time it’s opened for up to 4 weeks. While this is supremely short when compared to the years of preservation that the Timeless systems can offer, it is more than enough for those who know the wines will be consumed within the month.

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Another great thing about the Coravin Pivot is that the mechanism works with screw cap bottles as well, since it doesn’t require a cork to needle through. This also highlights how the system is meant to be used on wines in the everyday mid-range.

For those who already own a Coravin system, there’s really no rush to get your hands on this one. Rather, it’s a great device to purchase if you’re just starting out in your wine journey and hoping to get a little more serious about it.

At the end of the day, the Coravin Pivot is an easier sell for beginner and intermediate wine drinkers, since the mechanism is simpler and the device is also being offered at a much more affordable price range. Plus, it makes for a great gift for your vino loving friends too.

The Coravin Pivot (S$215 inclusive of device, two stoppers, and one argon gas capsule) is available in Singapore via A special festive bundle (S$325) inclusive of the aforementioned, three additional gas capsules, and a good bottle of wine is also available at

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