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Nitro beer pioneers Guinness releases Nitrosurge device in Southeast Asia

Guinness Nitrosurge

Pioneering purveyors of nitro stouts, none other than Irish brewery Guinness, has launched its groundbreaking Nitrosurge device in Southeast Asia (after debuting in Europe last year), with Singapore the first market in the region to have the gadget hit store shelves.

The innovative contraption is meant to enable drinkers the means to deliver a pour of Guinness stout from a can in such a way that is as good as one served on tap at a pub.

A small device that fits ergonomically only atop a special Guinness Nitrosurge can of stout, the rechargeable, waterproof gadget uses specifically tuned ultrasonic technology to create perfectly formed nitrogen bubbles as it pours out of the spout.

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Nitrogenating beers has traditionally been associated with achieving a rounder and creamier mouthfeel, compared to carbonating them, which leans towards a livelier and more prickly texture. 

The Nitrosurge has also been recognised in the field of product design, having clinched a coveted Red Dot award in the Home Beer Dispense Device and Special Innovation categories.

The Nitrosurge is now being sold exclusively in Singapore via e-commerce platform Shopee, available as a Starter Pack (S$48.20) containing the device and two cans of Guinness Nitrosurge stout. 

See below image for the official guide on using the Guinness Nitrosurge.